Backstory On Batgirl

The time finally came when Barbara Gordon realized a lone Batman wasn't enough to keep Gotham City safe from the bad guys. Now you read how the young lady created Batgirl in the new softcover book Batgirl: New Hero of the Night SC (JAN172287), written by Michael Manning.

This book shows how determination brings real change. Barbara puts one foot in front of the other, and stops thinking about what to do to help her city...she just goes and does it! Batgirl: New Hero of the Night SC gives you all the details to see how Barbara created her costume identity, what villains she fights, and how she uses technology to stay one step ahead of the bad guys. This book is an illustrated biography in black-and-white, and is part of the Backstories series from DC Comics.

Look for Batgirl: New Hero of the Night SC (JAN172287) in the January issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog, and pre-order it today! The book comes to comic shops in March!