Doctor Who Teaches The Alphabet

The doctor is always around to help you when your sick. But when that doctor is Doctor Who from the TV series, he can also help you to learn your ABCs! That's right. Doctor Who from the BBC TV series is now making house calls to help young learners with their ABCs, giving words from the TV show to help illustrate the alphabet! Who said reading can't be fun? The Doctor Who: T is for Tardis HC (JAN172289) helps all future Who fans with early education, giving them phonic help with words associated with letters. Did you know "A" can be associated with "Angel." How about "B" is for Bow Tie? Did you ever think of associating "C" for Cyberman? This alphabet book covers all the letters of the alphabet from A to Z, an is illustrated in a retro drawing style on every page!

Look for the Doctor Who: T is for Tardis HC (JAN172289) in the January issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog. Pre-order it today! The book is in comic shops this March!