Rocket & Groot Go Space Truckin'

They're the stars of the first Guardians of the Galaxy movie, and now they're coming back for more adventure in a new hardcover book that's complete with Rocket doodles! Ah, yes. You didn't know that Rocket Raccoon was an artist, did you? It's true. This book will show you how Rocket loves to doodle, as does Groot, who also shares with you a few of his favorite drawings in the Rocket And Groot: Keep On Truckin' HC (FEB172212). It seems the two are taking their mischief to the next level in the cosmos. Badguys beware! Whether it's more one-liners of "I Am Groot" from our favorite tree buddy, or crazy antics that involve Veronica the butt-kicking tape dispenser, you can be sure that you will be entertained for hours with this 272-page illlustrated hardcover.

Look for the Rocket And Groot: Keep On Truckin' HC (FEB172212) in the Books section of the February PREVIEWS catalog!