Class Begins At The Jedi Academy

How good are you at swinging a lightsaber? Can you shoot a blaster with your eyes closed and still hit target? Find out what life is like in the Jedi Academy with new Star Wars hardcover books that follow the life of Roan. He's just trying to get by doing his chores at home so he can one day attend Pilot Academy. He just wants to be like his brother, father, and grandfather. But life isn't so easy. He's not able to get into the Pilot Academy.

But wait! He has been given permission to attend the Jedi Academy!

What exactly is the Jedi Academy? And what is he supposed to learn under the teacher that calls himself Master Yoda?

Roan is about to learn that he has more power and speed than he ever dreamed was possible in the Star Wars: Jedi Academy HC's, which are now available with Volume 1 (MAY172183), Volume 2: Return of the Padawan (MAY172184), Volume 3: The Phantom Bully (MAY172185), and Volume 4: The New Class (MAY172186) books!

Look for them under "Star Wars Young Readers" in the Books section of the May PREVIEWS comic shop catalog!