Mickey's Magic In A Classic Storybook

The timeless tale of Mickey Mouse and his mischief with a magic hat is once again available for young readers with The Sorcerer's Apprentice: A Classic Mickey Mouse Tale HC (NOV172201)!

This story is based on a famous animated short that shows the famous Mickey Mouse casting a magic spell to finish his boring chores. You see just how much fun work can be when the power of a magic hat allows tools to come to life. Who would imagine that brooms could be enchanted to carry buckets of water? Everything looks wonderful for Mickey's day as he appears to have mastered his master's magic spells quickly. But what Mickey doesn't know is that practice makes perfect...and he doesn't have a lotof practice. It takes time to know how to control magic, and Mickey is not prepared for this responsibility. So things go from very good to very bad very quickly as he is not able to stop what he started!

This classic story that is from Walt Disney's Fantasia movie is now in a must-have full-color hardcover book that you can order from the November PREVIEWS comic shop catalog! Look for it under "Disney/Pixar" in the catalog's Book section!