Fast Moving First President

How do you think America got to be the land of opportunity? Well, our First President was a man of action, and comic writer Fred Van Lente shows how George Washington was absolutely amazing in the Action Presidents Book 1: George Washingon HC (DEC172081), with illustrations by Ryan Dunlavey.

Both Fred and Ryan have worked together before, but not like this as this comic-style biography is both hilarious and historical!

Yes, you know that George Washington was our first President and a hero of the American Revolution. They tell you this in school. You read about it. You even have to take tests about it. But did you also know that he didn't want to be president? Did you also know that never thought he would fight in a war? And if we could ever sneak in one last question, it would be this one: did you know that he had teeth so bad that he hated to smile?

A story that is told through bold and hilarious comic-style illustrations, you can find Action Presidents Book 1: George Washingon HC (DEC172081) in the December issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog. Just flip back to the "Books" section, and look under "Young Readers." History was never so much fun!