Down Syndrome Superhero In Metaphase

Just when you thought you knew all the superheroes in town, along comes Ollie--a young boy with Down Syndrome that wants to be a superhero just like his Dad! Writer Chip Reece gives us a 2-issue mini-series that starts with Metaphase #1 (APR181245) from Alterna Comics, and it is a groundbreaking graphic novel broken down over two comic book issues for those collectors who like to put their comics in bags and boards!

This is a heartwarming story in that as bad as Ollie wants to help his Dad live the life of a superhero, his father doesn't want Ollie to have the same life. The dangers of being a superhero are intense! Anything can go wrong, and his father couldn't live with himself if something bad happened to Ollie.

Enter the Meta-Makers.

Just when Ollie thought there was no hope of him being like his Dad, the Meta-Makers come along and their business is to help people get super powers! The problem is...what is the cost of getting super powers?

Look for this new series that's kid-friendly in the April issue of the PREVIEWS comic shop catalog!